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Sir Ian Flemming, born 28 May 1908, would be 100 today were he still alive. And on the birthday of the man who gave the world, James Bond, 007, author Sebastian Faulk has released a new installment of the 007 series Devil May Care. The estate of Sir Ian Flemming contracted Faulk to write a new book and it will be left up to the literary Bond fans to decide if he's pulled it off in true Bond style.

Yes, another Tom Holt book.
As I finished this one, I found out he has just published another, so he must have known I'd finished this one.
Barking....hmm...what should I say about it?
There are werewolves, vampire, undead, oh! and lawyers. Think the bumph says something similar as well.
Duncan Hughes is the central character of this book. New, but just as likable, in a useless way as Frank Carpenter in some of the other books. Well, what would be the point of having a life changing "event" happening to a dynamic character, who probably wouldn't notice, or even worse, not like what had happened to them.
I love Tom Holt's "underdog2 characters, and Duncan Hughes turns out to be an "underdog" in more ways than one, but an underdog who is determined to be a lone wolf.
You know what is coming now! Yes, a link to Tom Holt's website;

And this quiz is fun;

This piece Tom Holt wrote for Orbit's website is fun, about time travel;

If you read them , and like humour, you'll get just a little taste of Tom Holt's sense of humour, and maybe be looking out eagerly for his next book, just like me.

This was one of the books, the blurb/bumph made me want to read it. Normally I have little patience with anything remotely "chick-lit-ish", but this isn't really "chick-lit".
Emilia, the main character, is obviously suffering from some recent trauma, and Waldman teases the reader by allowing glimpses of what the cause of Emilia's trauma is, but you are well into the book before you discover exactly what it is.
Emilia has also found her self to be step-mother to William, a very precocious 5 year old, in the way that he is much smarter than the average 5 year-old, but still has some the vulnerabilities 5 year olds have. Jack, Emilia's husband struggles to keep Emilia and William both happy, and his ex wife at arms length.
I won't spoil things by revealing any more of the plot, apart from saying that by the time I finished, I had changed my opinion of the book, and although the cover looks "chick-lit", what is inside definitely isn't.

To find out more, click on the link below;
There is also an option to read an excerpt, click below, if you wish to read further.

This was ....hmmm...a book I just had to keep reading, but a very curious book. It's not long, only 130 pages , slightly longer than Heart of Darkness, but probably still classified as a novella. It is just as enigmatic as Heart of Darkness, with a lovely circular feel to it. There is a sense of futility and frustration in it, that comes across very well.
I have never read any of Auster's work before, but would definitely look for more of his work. I was going to say that this is a quick read, but it isn't, and it is one that I will probably revisit.

The basic idea behind the novella is in the link below

This book has been on Richard and Judy's reading list, various book prize shortlists, and it's not hard to see why.
The initial theme of the book, if a simple, "what would happen if?" Kim Edwards poses a question, I suppose along the lines of the ones Jodi Picoult tackles, then explores it even deeper.
Having been a child in the 1960s, I can understand Dr David Henry's actions, from the viewpoint of the time. But the reason for his actions go much deeper than is first revealed, and the secret that he keeps from his wife, and son, is destined to destroy their relationship.
Only after Dr David Henry's death, do secrets that have been buried, some for longer than 25 years surface, and his actions begin to be understood.

Back in the 60s, children with Down's syndrome were rarely brought up in family environments.
My own Mum finds it hard to be around people with Down's syndrome, so I can relate to the reaction Dr Henry had.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and can see why it has been recommended for prizes.
Another book where you are drawn into the characters lives.,,9780141030142,00.html

Yes, looking at the cover of this book, and the publisher it is classed as a children's book. To be found in the teen section. However I think the book is better classed as a fantasy, as it tells of a quest through umaya, or dream landscape, by three children, the eldest of which is only 14. But to me that is where the "children's" book " element ends. The book is a quest by the three children to find Temberi. They are trapped in the dream landscape with no way of escaping unless they can find the edge of time, where they can get back from the dream landscape into real time. Their quest encounters several "tribe/people", each with their own "eccentricity" As they encounter each "tribe/people", they uncover the next part of the journey they need to make.
The book is not a small one, at 638 pages, it is quite long, and the spine broke when I got near the middle of it. It's not a book for someone who likes a "quick" read.
It is Isabel Hoving's first novel for Walker books, link for further details below.

The book has been translated from Hoving's native Dutch into English, but being honest, it isn't as labourious a read as some translations are.

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