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As you can probably guess , I love reading, and on Saturday last went into Lancaster to get books.
Julia Stagg was signing books. We chatted for a while as she wasn't busy when I went in, and I thought I'd try one of her books.
Well, I started it Saturday Evening, and finished it Sunday evening. 
It is a really good book, with intriguing twists to what , at first, seems a straightforward plot. I really enjoyed it and will be looking out for more by Julia Stagg.

Quelle horreur! The venerable Auberge des Deux Vallées has fallen into the hands of an English couple and that spells the end of gastronomic civilisation for the small commune of Fogas in the French Pyrenees.
The mayor is particularly incensed: he had intended his brother-in-law to take over. He determines to eject les rosbifs by any means possible, and before they have had the chance to serve their first pastis, Paul and Lorna are up to their eyes in French bureaucracy.
But the mayor hasn't reckoned on the locals. They have their own reasons for wanting l'Auberge to succeed and they take the young incomers to their hearts. If they pull together, can they outwit the mayor or will l'Auberge end up in the merde?

What can I say?
This is just as good as all the other Tom Holt books I have read.
Osiris has had enough of the retirement home, he's been told he likes "nice hot custard" too many times. With the help of his nurse ,Sandra, he makes a break for it when his godson tries to have him certified insane.  He goes in search of the "ultimate lawyer" to fight his lawyer godson. At the same time Odin, Thor and Frey have been restoring a traction engine, unknown to Mrs Henderson the "Matron of the gods retirement home.  They take it for a trial run and end up hopelessly lost. The goodies win through in the end after a series of typically Holtian escapades.
A brilliant book

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