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This is a brilliant thriller. I don't want to give anything away, but if you like thrillers Lisa Gardner is a good author to read.
Red Herrings are used, and at one point I thought I had figured out the "bad guy", but Gardner has woven her plot so intricately that it is almost impossible to second guess her plotlines.
I would strongly recommend her books

I was chastised for reading "not worthy" vampire books.
This has been on my bookshelf for a while.
Having read so many other "vampire" books this did not scare me.
Stoker's Dracula would have been very "thrilling" at the time it was published.
The book itself is very well constructed, and I'm sorry there was not much else that Stoker wrote.
My copy was a cheap Penguin classic one, but I won't be getting rid of it.
Anne Rice borrows some of the vampire "traditions" from Stoker, whilst Stephanie Mayer bends them.
If you have not read Dracula and like vampire books, I would urge you to read the forerunner of all other vampire books.

I've read a "few" more books since I last posted.
Outlaw by Angus Donald, a great book, placed around the time Robin Hood is supposed to have lived. The "Outlaw" in question is Alan Dale. The myth/legend details are kept correct and Alan is an accomplished musician. Donald "keeps it real" by thorough research into the time period. He actually answers the question that I have often wondered....what happens to the dead after a battle?
I loved this book and will keep an eye open for more from the same author.

Haweswater by Sarah Hall.
A straightforward tale about the making of the Haweswater reservoir. With a love angle thrown in. My only complaint is that Hall refers top the Manchester Corporation Waterworks as MCW.........I know she's a letter out, being as both my Dad and Grandad worked for should be MCWW, Sarah! All you have to do is look on the hydrant points, grids, etc to find this out, but otherwise, a good book

Runemarks by Joanne Harris.
A "teen" book from Joanne Harris. Set in a supposed future, Harris has her heroine set forth on a a quest to retrieve an object that will help put all right in her worlds, or so she is told, by characters who for one reason or another can not touch the object in question. A good teen book, good planning, good "quest". I finished it thinking I would like to see another teen book from Harris.

The Elegance of the hedgehog by Muriel Barberry
No hedgehogs..or actual one's in sight throughout the whole novel. But the central character Renee has a secret she wishes to keep from the inhabitants of the building where she is concierge. After all hedgehogs have a very prickly exterior, designed to keep people from discovering their soft insides.
Brilliant read.

Angelogy by Danielle Trussoni.
An abandoned child, a mysterious stranger, a hidden past are all elements in this tale. All I can say is that I am watching for the sequel to this book...there HAS to be one!

Snowdrops by A.D.Miller
This book was shortlisted for the 2011 Booker prize. Set in Russia, it covers an elaborate scheme that is common in Moscow..the scheme is fascinating. The novel well crafted, I haven't read the winning Booker prize winner for 2011...but it has to be this novel is brilliant!

Dance of the Assassins by Herve Jubert.
A "teen" novel again
In 21st century London a theme park is established...set in 19th century London...all seems safe..until "Jack the Ripper" strikes! But this is a theme park! Roberta Morgenstern and her "assistant" Clement Martineau are tasked with the job of finding "The Ripper" before any more mayhem is caused in other "Historical Cities".
Well crafted, no booboo's...a good book!

The Lost Dog by Michelle de Kretser.
I'm sorry, I didn't like this , although I did finish it.
Tom does lose his dog, and does look for the diog....and...spoiler alert!!!!! Finds it again!
BUT the story is more of a "discovery"....Tom is staying in his friend Nelly's "country retreat when the dog goes missing...and for the bulk of the novel.......Tom spends his time unearthing the "real" Nelly Zhang. Although the dog is found by the end of the novel..there seems no resolution of the relationship between Tom and Nelly, or Tom and his mother.

Engleby by Sebastian Faulks
I loved this! Mike Engleby is the narrator of this novel, but again and again he contradicts himself....which is pertinent to the main plot...the disappearance of "Jen" a girl he became obsessed with whilst at university. Engleby's childhood makes the reader want to keep him safe from harm, but later on, there are disturbing elements appear. We find that Engleby confesses to the murder of Jen...but as his mental stability is called into question, so is Engleby's version of the truth...The reader is left wondering who was responsible for the murders? Did Engleby commit them..or does his disturbed mind just tell him he was responsible, and lead to him confessing?

Breaking Dawn and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer.
I did like both these books, but do feel that they should not be made into films. I can only presume that their being filmed is to make even more money for the author. Anyone with a decent imagination can place themselves as a fly on the wall in Forks.
Although I liked these books, I don't think they are as good as The adult novel by the same author.

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