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Firstly, I've been neglecting this blog, sorry but for such a long time, I had no internet access at home, due to lack of machine.
Now to the book.
What to say? This not a book I would recommend to just anyone. It's an acquired taste. It is written in diary form and there are two diarist it is very hard to like, I think more wonder at how they continue in what they are doing without being stopped is what keeps me reading.
The book is based in Venice and Peru. The main diarist, Minguillo Fasan is a warped, sadistic creature who thinks his behaviour is normal. He hates his sister's with normal-ish sibling rivalry until he finds a will specifically dis- inheriting him.
I haven't yet finished it, and wouldn't presume to recommended the book. If what I have put has piqued your interest, look the book up, but borrow from the library, in case you don't like it. I am finding it ,strangely, a compulsive read, but for the first 50 ,or so pages thought that I'd abandon it.

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