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An apology

I'm very sorry that I haven't blogged about some of the books that I have read since last time I posted....BUT....there is a very good genuine reason for me not doing so.
Earlier this month it was my birthday, and the Saturday beforehand, to cut a long story short.  My three managed to convert a spare room into a library for me as a birthday surprise.  At one point my daughter suggested that I take the dogs on a long walk, and when I returned the surprise was done. 

A lovely surprise for any book lover, I'm sure you'll agree.
However, they did put the pile of books that I had read but not blogged about on the shelves, and I'm not 100% sure which they are.  So, I'll not blog about those, and my next post will include the books read since the creation of my library :)
And yes, I know I need to sort out the damaged piece of wallpaper, but please bear in mind it took around5 hours to empty what had become a lumber room, clean it, assemble two of the bookcases and then fill them and move the other two bookcases into the room.  I'm sure sorting out a bit of paper won't hurt me.

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