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AT long last I got around to reading this book, I do tend to buy several books at once, and work my way through them.
Because of all the hype around it I expected it to be a difficult book to read, I have found several critically acclaimed books to be like wading through treacle.
This one however, was a great book to read, I really couldn't "put it down", in fact I have sat and finished the remaining 100 and odd pages today, I just had to know what happened. I love the circular feel of the book, and the fact that events in Daniel's life echo those of Julian Carax, but in this case...more a true echo, where it is never exactly the same as the first noise, the echo is always softer, not as harsh.
I loved this book, and if anyone else is wondering whether to read or not, and is put off by the hype, don't be, it is as good if not better than the advertising and reviews claim.

I just looked for a link to this book, and found out that it has a different title in USA. There it is called East.
It is a sort of Beauty and the beast type story, but it is told through the eyes of several of the characters. It is a young adult book, and the "North Child" herself, Rose, is a very strong minded courageous character. I feel if someone told her she couldn't do something, she'd find a way to do it, just because of her strong determination.
I enjoyed this as a bit of light relief from some of the books I've been reading lately. I think everyone should relax with a good adventure story every now and again.

Ali Smith is classed as a contemporary writer.
I enjoy her writing, even though it is challenging to the reader. Until I was well into this book, I had completely forgotten that I had read Hotel World. The Accidental, like Hotel World, is all told by internal dialogue of the characters involved. However, it is not as difficult to read as Virginia Woolf's, To The Lighthouse.
Not an easy read, but an entertaining one, and not being in the best of health right now, it was also a quick read.
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It revolves around a family of four who are all at critical points in their lives, the stranger, Amber, enters their lives and changes each family members life. The reader is still no wiser at the end of the novel as at the start, exactly who Amber is, where she is going, where she's been, but she acts as a catalyst.

I will admit that when I first got this book I picked it up by mistake. I'd just finished and thoroughly enjoyed Darkmans By Nicola Barker, and just saw the surname Barker. Upon discussing this book with a colleague at school I was a little put off reading Regeneration, as I was told that it is used for A Level and pupils find it very hard work.
So I put off reading it for a while. I have almost finished reading it now, and am enjoying it, mind you, I have read and studied some of the people mentioned in the novel, which makes it more accessible. I have also read quite a few books focused on the Great War. So to me the fact the A level students find it tough going is not detracting from Pat Barker's writing, but the fact that these days pupils rarely pick an adult book until,they start their GCSEs, and then they HAVE to study set authors, which closes their minds. No one likes being obliged to do a thing.
Having studied contemporary writers at university I would say that Pat Barker is a good example of a contemporary author.
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Not been in the best of health lately, so I haven't been on pc so much, but I have read quite a bit. Since last time I blogged here I have read another 5 books. Clicking on the titles takes you straight to an author link for the particular book.

Eve Green by Susan Fletcher.
I enjoyed this book imensely, was a little disappointed that the mystery of Rosie's disappearance is not answered, but found although the abduction gave the story more meaning, it didn't have to be solved in this case.

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman.
I had this on pre-order, and received it as soon as it was released. On the back of the book it says in gold lettering " This is a STORY." Part of the myths series from Canongate. As with all of Pullman's novels it makes the reader think about what they are reading. No doubt there will be some people offended by his version, but as is clearly stated on the back cover, it's a story, and as a story, and part of the myth series should be taken as just that, just another take on a particular myth. I loved it, but I am a big fan of Philip Pullman's work.

Ritual by Mo Hayder.
I'd bought this, and the next at Asda on their 2 for £7 deal. It was the only one that appealed to me in any way to buy with the next book listed.
However, the book is very engrossing, and one of the main characters belongs to a branch of the Police force that is often over looked, the main male character DI Jack Caffery seems to be a maverick who gets results. I will look for other books by Mo Hayder having read this one.

The Point of Rescue by Sophie Hannah.
This was a definite in the deal I mentioned above. I have previously read Hurting Distance by Sophie Hannah and thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Sally is watching the news with her husband when she hears a name she ought not to recognise: Mark Bretherick."
That line has the reader hooked, how does she know him, why shouldn't she know the name, why does it worry her? You can click on the link to find out more, but believe me, if you like mysteries, and have read other books by the same author, this one is worth reading.
I read Bad Moon Rising by the same author, enjoyed it, so picked this one. I do enjoy a good mystery, especially if it has a little menace in it, this has it. DI Lorraine Hunt is dealing with several case that all seem unconnected, but slowly and surely the links become apparent, and the net closes on a particularly nasty person. If this was a film you'd be sat on the edge of your seat. I don't know if there are any plans to televise or make into film, but I would definitely watch either. Quigley builds the suspense expertly...and I was almost cheering the police on as the novel closed.

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