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AT long last I got around to reading this book, I do tend to buy several books at once, and work my way through them.
Because of all the hype around it I expected it to be a difficult book to read, I have found several critically acclaimed books to be like wading through treacle.
This one however, was a great book to read, I really couldn't "put it down", in fact I have sat and finished the remaining 100 and odd pages today, I just had to know what happened. I love the circular feel of the book, and the fact that events in Daniel's life echo those of Julian Carax, but in this case...more a true echo, where it is never exactly the same as the first noise, the echo is always softer, not as harsh.
I loved this book, and if anyone else is wondering whether to read or not, and is put off by the hype, don't be, it is as good if not better than the advertising and reviews claim.


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