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I will admit that when I first got this book I picked it up by mistake. I'd just finished and thoroughly enjoyed Darkmans By Nicola Barker, and just saw the surname Barker. Upon discussing this book with a colleague at school I was a little put off reading Regeneration, as I was told that it is used for A Level and pupils find it very hard work.
So I put off reading it for a while. I have almost finished reading it now, and am enjoying it, mind you, I have read and studied some of the people mentioned in the novel, which makes it more accessible. I have also read quite a few books focused on the Great War. So to me the fact the A level students find it tough going is not detracting from Pat Barker's writing, but the fact that these days pupils rarely pick an adult book until,they start their GCSEs, and then they HAVE to study set authors, which closes their minds. No one likes being obliged to do a thing.
Having studied contemporary writers at university I would say that Pat Barker is a good example of a contemporary author.
For a little bit more about the book click here!


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