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Barking by Tom Holt

Yes, another Tom Holt book.
As I finished this one, I found out he has just published another, so he must have known I'd finished this one.
Barking....hmm...what should I say about it?
There are werewolves, vampire, undead, oh! and lawyers. Think the bumph says something similar as well.
Duncan Hughes is the central character of this book. New, but just as likable, in a useless way as Frank Carpenter in some of the other books. Well, what would be the point of having a life changing "event" happening to a dynamic character, who probably wouldn't notice, or even worse, not like what had happened to them.
I love Tom Holt's "underdog2 characters, and Duncan Hughes turns out to be an "underdog" in more ways than one, but an underdog who is determined to be a lone wolf.
You know what is coming now! Yes, a link to Tom Holt's website;

And this quiz is fun;

This piece Tom Holt wrote for Orbit's website is fun, about time travel;

If you read them , and like humour, you'll get just a little taste of Tom Holt's sense of humour, and maybe be looking out eagerly for his next book, just like me.


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