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This was one of the books, the blurb/bumph made me want to read it. Normally I have little patience with anything remotely "chick-lit-ish", but this isn't really "chick-lit".
Emilia, the main character, is obviously suffering from some recent trauma, and Waldman teases the reader by allowing glimpses of what the cause of Emilia's trauma is, but you are well into the book before you discover exactly what it is.
Emilia has also found her self to be step-mother to William, a very precocious 5 year old, in the way that he is much smarter than the average 5 year-old, but still has some the vulnerabilities 5 year olds have. Jack, Emilia's husband struggles to keep Emilia and William both happy, and his ex wife at arms length.
I won't spoil things by revealing any more of the plot, apart from saying that by the time I finished, I had changed my opinion of the book, and although the cover looks "chick-lit", what is inside definitely isn't.

To find out more, click on the link below;
There is also an option to read an excerpt, click below, if you wish to read further.


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