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This book has been on Richard and Judy's reading list, various book prize shortlists, and it's not hard to see why.
The initial theme of the book, if a simple, "what would happen if?" Kim Edwards poses a question, I suppose along the lines of the ones Jodi Picoult tackles, then explores it even deeper.
Having been a child in the 1960s, I can understand Dr David Henry's actions, from the viewpoint of the time. But the reason for his actions go much deeper than is first revealed, and the secret that he keeps from his wife, and son, is destined to destroy their relationship.
Only after Dr David Henry's death, do secrets that have been buried, some for longer than 25 years surface, and his actions begin to be understood.

Back in the 60s, children with Down's syndrome were rarely brought up in family environments.
My own Mum finds it hard to be around people with Down's syndrome, so I can relate to the reaction Dr Henry had.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and can see why it has been recommended for prizes.
Another book where you are drawn into the characters lives.,,9780141030142,00.html


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