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Yes, looking at the cover of this book, and the publisher it is classed as a children's book. To be found in the teen section. However I think the book is better classed as a fantasy, as it tells of a quest through umaya, or dream landscape, by three children, the eldest of which is only 14. But to me that is where the "children's" book " element ends. The book is a quest by the three children to find Temberi. They are trapped in the dream landscape with no way of escaping unless they can find the edge of time, where they can get back from the dream landscape into real time. Their quest encounters several "tribe/people", each with their own "eccentricity" As they encounter each "tribe/people", they uncover the next part of the journey they need to make.
The book is not a small one, at 638 pages, it is quite long, and the spine broke when I got near the middle of it. It's not a book for someone who likes a "quick" read.
It is Isabel Hoving's first novel for Walker books, link for further details below.

The book has been translated from Hoving's native Dutch into English, but being honest, it isn't as labourious a read as some translations are.


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