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Another book that has languished on my bookshelf for a long time.
This book, made me laugh, cry, be happy, be sad.
It is a complex story, with no useless information in it. Everything in it is relevant to the plot. So I realised that when Henry tells the reader about his fear of "the cage", sooner or later it would become significant. The last few pages made me cry, so if you like happy endings, don't read this book, but it is a very good book.
I will wait for the DVD to come out to watch the film, and am very interested to see how they will cope with the time travelling.
To me there is a possibility of a sequel, but unless the plot is significantly different, it may just read as part 2.
To find out more, click here. I prefer to used author websites where possible, but in this case Wiki is very thorough.


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