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Am glad I went out and bought this for myself. Hinting that I would like a certain book doesn't seem to help very much, or music, come to think of it.
What can I say? I love Tom Holt's off the wall sense of humour, it appeals to me, probably because he seems to go off at tangents like I do.
You want to know what the book is about? I'll put a link at the bottom of this to Tom Holt's website.
Magic and mayhem as usual, with what can only be called a reluctant "hero", and a feisty major female character. Dennis Tanner and his Mum pop up, in true Goblin fashion. There are dastardly plots afoot, but what self respecting Tom Holt novel would be without these things?
By the way....whilst hunting for books for my Mum in a secondhand book shop I found a Tom Holt I don't have.....I do was in brilliant condition, a hardback copy, and only £3...cheaper than the paperback would be if I ordered it.
As here for Tom Holt's website

Forgot to add....this book had a bonus! The first two chapters of another book, looks promising, think I'll be looking for it. The Accidental Sourcer by K. E.Mills....who just happens to be Karen Miller. I love Karen Miller's books.


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