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This is the sequel to "The Book with No Name". Again we meet Sanchez the bartender, Dante and Kacy, Peto the Monk, and the Bourbon Kid.
At the start of this book, we find out why the Bourbon Kid is so "mean"Dante is being a gullible fool, as in the last book. Peto is undercover.
Anonymous has again written about vampires, werewolves, and the undead in his/her own unmistakable style. I couldn't put it down, and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I have checked online in case there is a third novel
Probably a bit too soon, maybe early next year.
Click here to read the bumph!

There are a few newspaper reviews on the back of the novel. This one is possibly the most accurate.

This particular Anonymous has decided to take a fistful of drugs and gone on a literary
genre-bender..... a slightly strange experience but a lot of fun. Daily Sport
After reading this I am more inclined to accept that this particular Anonymous could be Walter Moers, although there is nothing to suggest that the novel has been translated into English from German anywhere.


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