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This book is quite unusual for me, as I usually shy away from "stream of consciousness" novels. The whole of Tomorrow is set in the evening /night/early morning between the 16th and 17th of June 1995. The only character whose thoughts we have direct access to is the narrator, Paula. If the blurb had said something like that ...the book would have stayed put on the shelf. But it is by Graham Swift, and I've enjoyed other novels of his, so I got it.

We are allowed access to Paula's thoughts as she lies awake overnight. She has something on her mind, and she addresses her thoughts to her twin children, (Kate and Nick,) but mainly to Kate. It takes sometime before the thing that is keeping her awake becomes apparent, and for at least half the novel I thought that her husband was going to reveal that he had been having an affair to his children. I won't spoil the novel by revealing what is keeping her awake, but she explores the meaning of being a parent, part of a couple, and our views of such.
I would be intrigued to read Kate or Nick's reply, after they have heard what their father, Mike, has to tell them.
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