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The whole premise of this book was spoiled for me because it was in epistolary format. I have read other books in this format, however, it did not enhance the story, but merely served to confuse me. This meant that it took me quite a while to read the book. To me it would have been better in normal format, with an omniscient narrator. I spent more time trying to figure out who the letter was t and from, and how much of the action they were aware of, spending plenty of time turning back a page or two to remind who the current letter was to/from.
However, I didn't give up reading as the plot was intriguing, with a very surprising twist at the end of it, reminding me of the saying "revenge is a dish best served cold", or something like that.
This book is very good, but not for the easily defeated reader.
The link below sums up the plot nicely
There is an interview with Stockley at the link below;

Although the book is classed as historical fiction, I would say there is little actual history in it, it is historically accurate, but just so that the settings, etc are accurate. It could quite have easily been set in the present day, apart from certain events towards the end, which would have led on to much deeper investigations.


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