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Meggie's father has a secret talent. One that, I dare say, many readers would like to have. It's an extraordinary ability, but one that comes with a price. You see, when Meggie's father reads aloud, he brings forth characters from the book. Suddenly, they're flesh and blood. The only problem is, he cannot control who is brought from the pages of the story. When Meggie was just a toddler, her father, Mo, read aloud from Inkheart and brought forth the story's villain as well as a few other characters. Years later, he comes face to face with Capricorn, the very villain he read from the book. With the aid of Meggie, the author of the book and a few others, Mo must find a way to get rid of Capricorn before he tries to take over the world.

I picked up this book solely for the purpose of knowing the story before the movie comes out in 2009. I saw a trailer for it and it appealed to me, so I decided to buy the book. It's a fantastic story. I mean who wouldn't love to come face to face with their favourite characters from a book? I love any story where books are treated as friends that is the sort of mind-set conveyed through the book. So now I can look forward to the movie.

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