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At twelve, she killed her first warrior.
At twenty-one, she defended her land against an invasion by the most powerful empire the world had ever seen.
At forty, she led her people in a bloody revolt - and became a legend.

These are the words that lead to a spectacular story of Boudica - the greatest female warrior of Ancient Britain. While not much is known about Boudica from any historical documents, Manda Scott manages to take what information is available of the time in which Boudica existed and mould it into a powerful story. A story of a triumph of a people protecting themselves from invasion during a time of druids, dreamers, warriors and singers.

Last Thanksgiving (2007) I decided that I wanted to start reading more historical fiction as a short-cut way to learning history outside of a class room. I was fortunate enough, that day, to discover Historical where I found hundreds of historical books listed and discussed. I was in reader's heaven! Being an Anglophile, I knew this was the key to learning a lot of history of England while truly enjoying it. Of course I don't take everything I read at face value. I consult Sea quite often regarding how history truly views certain events and do my own research. Still, I have learned far more about this ancient country than I would have otherwise.

For more information about Scott's other writings, visit her website.

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