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A bit of a departure for me reading this, in one way, as when I got the set of Paulo Coelho books given me, I thought they were just tsraight novels. But you find them in the bookshop with the "spiritual" type books.

The story is about Paulo's quest to see his angel, with him on his quest is Chris, his wife. They journey to the Mojave from Brasil, for forty days and forty nights. The book tells of Paulo's quest, the people they meet, excetra on the quest, which inadvertently becomes a learning journey for both of them.
The book is quite easy to read as the type face used is easier on the eye than usual, and I think slightly larger than normal. Coelho doesn't tie his reader up in wordy explanations, but put's the thougths and stages of the "quest" in easy to understand language.

The Valkyries
Why is it that we destroy the things we love most? This is the question Paulo Coelho faces in this story of his confrontation with his past. 'The Valkyries' is a compelling account of his journey, as Paulo and his wife embark on a forty day quest into the searing heat of the Mojave Desert, where they encounter 'The Valkyries', strange warrior women who travel the desert on motorcycles. This is not only a modern day adventure, it is also an exploration of one man's battle with self doubt and fear, as well as a true story of two people striving to understand one another through adversity. Ultimately, 'The Valkyries' delivers a powerful message about forgiving our past and believing in our future.

Taken from Coelho's website;

However, saying that this book was a departure isn't strictly true as I am interested in the spiritual side of things, just the books I read on this subject are more "text" books and not something I would blog about.

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    Hello! Paulo Coelho will be distributing all of his works for free lecture on his blog. All of his books will be avaible.

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