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First, I must apologise to Old Bean, as this book is on her TBR list, what she didn't know was t'was also on mine!
I started this when I posted last, and haven't been able to put it much so that I left other stuff just so that I could get on with reading.
This novel is a crime/detective novel, but Karin Slaughter has put so many twists into the plot that it takes a while to figure out exactly "whodunnit", that is not a criticism, as so many crime novels are so obvious, they get boring to read. In fact if this one is available as a talking book, I would get it for my partner who is dyslexic, and does love a good crime programme on TV. I think this would equal most CSI episodes.
I won't spoil the plot of this brilliant novel here.
If you want to know more, visit
for the bumph, which I must say completely undersells the novel.


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