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This is another book about the manic way some parents react when trying to obtain a place for their child at the high school of their choice, and is a very well written book, unlike the one that cheesed me off with it's inaccuracies.
O'Farrell has written this book from the viewpoint of the mother, and has done it very well. Whereas the other told the story in typical "chic lit" style, this one is told straight, but is full of "life humour", you know the things parents do for their children, etc.
For those of you who know John O'Farrell as a comedian, and like his style, this book is in that style. [He's regularly on the "Grumpy Old Men" series, making funny, but true observations of life.]
The story has a lovely twist at the end of it, that is much more satisfying than the "chic lit" book I read on the same theme.

Now the bumph,

Alice never imagined that she would end up like this. Is she the only mother who feels so permanently panic-stricken at the terrors of the modern world - or is it normal to sit up in bed all night popping bubble wrap? She worries that too much gluten and dairy may be hindering her children's mental arithmetic. She frets that there are too many cars on the road to let them out of the 4 x 4. Finally she resolves to take control and tackle her biggest worry of all: her daughter is definitely not going to fail that crucial secondary school entrance exam. Because Alice has decided to take the test in her place....

With his trademark comic eye for detail, John O'Farrell has produced a funny and provocative book that will make you laugh, cry and vow never to become that sort of parent. And then you can pass it on to your seven-year-old, because she really ought to be reading grown-up novels by now....


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