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I'm taking a short break from reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell because I took it with me last weekend to my cousin's house and forgot it there. I am returning to her house for Thanksgiving so I will get it then.

Meantime, I've just finished this dandy little piece of non-fiction about a cemetery in Great Britain's most haunted city. If you're still scratching your head at which one I might be referring to, it's Greyfriar's Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This book is very well written. It focuses on one specific small tour company which offers nightly tours which wind up in Greyfriar's Covenanter's Prison. From what I gathered in the course of reading, this small tour company (I say small because there are only 4 guides) is the only one the City Council allowed to have a set of keys. Due to the paranormal activity, Covenanter's Prison was locked up in the 90s.

While the author focuses mainly on the beginnings of this tour company, there are eye witness accounts offered. People who actually experienced the poltergeist known as Mackenzie. Jan, the author, also manages to slip in the history of Greyfriar's and Covenanter's Prison so you're not left wondering what it is, exactly, you're reading about.


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