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Have finished reading this book now. It had me totally hooked.The two narrators are searching for something they can't quite remember, their lives that they had before. Henry Day's almost obsessive search for his life before is misunderstood by his wife. Aniday's search, and the fact he doesn't age causes him to mix up people.It is worth going to the library and borrowing this. I knew little about the changeling myth, other than the fact Faeries were said to steal babies and young children, and leave one of their own in it's place. This takes that idea , and explores what could happen.

"The Stolen Child is a truly remarkable work, ringing unique changes on the ancient legend of the changeling, the child kidnapped into Faery, with a soulless double left in its place. Keith Donohue's poignant take ion the myth, rooting it in our time, and retelling it from alternating viewpoints of the two changelings, makes for one of the most touching and absorbing fantasies I have read for years." [Peter Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn]


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