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This book seemed to me amazingly slow to start, which disappointed me as the bumph on the cover reads so well.
But, the more I got into the book, the more I was hooked. The way the book is written mirrors the narrative of the story. It is really quite clever. There is an aray of characters, seeminly with little in common, all thrown together.
Any way, a bit of the bumph, but no more.

For investigative journalist Jack Parblane, these are worrying times: it's been alomst three years since anyone tried to kill him and he fears he's losing his touch. But then comes an assignment in the Scottish coutryside that will more than make up for lost time...

Ultimate Motivational Leisure offers the latest in corporate outward bound courses, but if nothing else he gets a free weekend of shooting at PR people with a paintball gun.

Except the longer the weekend goes on, the weider things start to get. Firt somone steals the SIM cards from everybody's mobile phones. Then, when the group accidentally strays on to army land, the army starts firing back - and not with cans of Dulux. Suddenly no one can tell what's real and what isn't, wheter this is part of the game, or if everybody is fighting for their lives....

And I will not spoil the story, except I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and in the end found the book very difficult to put down.

(Text in orange is from the back of my copy.)


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