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This book started a little slowly for me, but eventually it got going. The story is told by Nicholas Van Tassel, and starts at the turn of the 20th century. At first he does win a little of the reader's sympathy, but as the story progresses, I couldn't help but think he was rather pompous, in fact, several times in the story he does say that he thinks people might find him pompous. The story is about his obsession with his wife, how he courted her, married her despite her telling him she could never love him. The story focuses on their courtship, then more expansively, on the events leading to the breakdown of their marriage.

I didn't enjoy it as much as "The Last Time They Met" as I couldn't help thinking Nicholas caused his own problems by his obsessions. (That and the moral code of the time.)


  1. J. Kaye said...
    I run hot and cold with this author. She has talent, that much is obvious, but sometimes her books just miss the mark. A good example was her latest book Body Surfing. She left the reader dangling at the end!

    Out of her best that I have read, and I haven't read them all, Light on Snow was the very best she has done.
    Sea said...
    I enjoyed Light on Snow, and love Last Time We Met, but it drove my Mum nuts.

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