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This is Jeanette Winterson's first children's book, when I bought it I didn't realise that it was a children's story, although to be honest, that wouldn't have stopped me buying it, on two counts.
1) I love Winterson's writing,
2) I am quite happy to read a well-written children's book, and call it research.

The story is told in Winterson's unique style, and had me spellbound from start to finish, with the usual short punchy chapters that readers of Winterson expect, and the repeating of phrases she utilises to keep the reader aware of the story's theme. Some of the material could be quite complex, but she has put it across in an accessible form.
But what is it about? Well, here's the Blurb from the back of the book.

The world is in trouble. Time is going wrong, moving too fast or too slowly, whisking people away into the future and the past. It is rumoured that an ancient timekeeper holds the key to this chaos. But no one knows where it is.

When the evil Regalia Mason and the menacing Able Darkwater join in the search for the Timekeeper, the resourceful and courageous Silver finds herself up against not just two nasty adversaries, but time itself, in a nail-biting race to find the Timekeeper and save the world.

As I said the book is well worth reading, and for regular Winterson readers, you can forget it is a children's story.

For a little more background and an interview with Jeanette Winterson about Tanglewreck visit the link below.

Clicking on "home" takes you to the Winterson's main website.


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