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The narrator of the book is Ramchand. He works in the Sevak Sari House. He's worked there since he left school at the end of eighth grade. He is one of the workers of India, and the story could be placed at any time in history, if you read the conditions that he lives in. However, the time the story is set in is around 1999, as it is set in Amritsar, and Operation Blue Star is referred to as being 15 years ago.
Ramachand's voice comes across very well. He has been cheated out of his inheritance, but he does not realise this until it is far too late to take any action. He then struggles to make sense of the world around him.
One of his struggles is to teach himself English, which he gives up on when he grasps the scale of the injustices in the society he lives in, he gives up trying to learn English. After this what can only be described as a breakdown follows.
The book is very easy to read, and highlights the huge difference between the East and West, by bringing the reader's attention to life of a worker in India.


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