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Sidney Sheldon's last novel
Have you ever read a Sidney Sheldon novel? It has that certain...can put down quality. I started this last night, and am already on P177 0f 423. You just can't help turning over the next page.
Pick up a Sheldon novel..and it is as if you are reading the screenplay. After reading Creative Writing to degree is obvious that Sheldon wrote all his novels with possible screenplay in mind.
Are you Afraid of the Dark? is so far a typical Sheldon mystery....people have died..their deaths seem at first glance to be unconnected, but Sheldon reveals the links in masterly fashion.
Are Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris going to be the next murder victims?
Sheldon has lost none of his mastery of the suspense his very last book.
I might just let you know when I've finished..but then I think you might all come looking for me ....
Enjoy the last..but certainly not least of Sidney Sheldon's novels


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