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This novel follows the lives of an Irish family who leave their home town and mean to travel across Ireland, to settle on the Atlantic coast. This is not to be though.
The family gets spilt up, and the novel folows the life of the father, and three of the sons, through several years. The fourth son quits the country, and there is little of his history in the novel. Tiege, Tomas and Finbar Foley all feature equally, and there is a very touching end to the father's story. The son's travel to America, Canada and Europe.
The novel contrasts the plight of the ordinary Irish with the better off, but it doesn't labour this point, as it is secondary to the novel.
The potato famine is fetaured in the novel, but no actual years are named at any point.
With short chapters, and following the father and sons lives, it is a novel that keeps your interest throughout.


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