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Since I last posted I have read four real, by that I mean physical books, and two ....sorry....three more on Kindle.
The books I have read on my Kindle are
The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens, Expecting someone taller by Tom Holt and A dog's tale by Mark Twain. These three have been kept within my parameters I said I would try to stick to when getting books on Kindle.

  1. These are, classic books, as they are relatively cheap, or even free.
  2. Books that are too huge to hold comfortably
  3. and books that I would really like to read, but have difficulty finding as they are not currently "in print", can find second hand copies, but they sometimes leave me feeling cold when I handle them, don't know why the just do.
The "real" books are
The Shakespeare Secret by J.L.Carrell, Theft by Peter Carey, The first hour I believed by Wally Lamb and Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.
The Shakespeare Secret was a thriller/mystery based around The Globe Theatre, places of importance in Shakespeare's life and literary institutions, (mostly in USA.) It twisted and turned a fair bit and kept me interested right up to the end.
Theft is about love/fraud in the art world, betrayal and family loyalty. Peter Carey is not an author you can second guess. A really good read.
The First Hour I believed is a touching story of how one man deals with the consequences that occur after his wife is caught up in the Columbine high school massacre. (The book is fiction, but bases some of the story in "real" facts, Caelum, the main character also finds out more about his forebears during the mammoth story, over 620 pages long in a smallish typeface. Saying that like his previous book I have read, [I know this much is true] a very good engrossing read.
Birdsong is again about someone looking for their forebears, but it is also a love story based around the first world war. If you watched the BBC dramatisation of this that was recently on TV you would only recognise part of the book, as the dramatisation centred on the love story and ignored the part about the young woman looking for "lost" relatives from the first world war. The book was great, the BBC dramatisation , a little disappointing, for me, as it missed out some of the story.


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