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Another one of Tom Holt's omnibus's...or should that be ominbae?
This one has Overtime and Grailblazers in it, [omnibus number n4]
Two crazy tales of knights in in modern times, but not....if you have read any of Tom Holt's work you will realise that he likes to play around with the idea of "time"
As usual the history side of the book is well researched, and Holt seems to relish putting people in situations "out of their time".
In Overtime a WWII pilot is persuaded to help John de Nesle in his quest, namely to find Richard Coeur de Lion, the mayhem a regular reader is used to ensues.
In Grailblazers a knight who has been "asleep" for 1500 years is awoken in order to gather up the remaining grail knights in order to find the Holy Grail. The knights have given up their quest in favour of pizza delivery and insurance sales, to name two of their new occupations.
Whenever I read one of Holt's books I am always appreciative of how much research has gone into the fine details.


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