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Twilight was on TV here last week. Iv'e had all four of the books for ages, decided it was time I read the rest of them. Bella and Edward have split, not Bella's idea. She shuts herself off from the world and everything. When she eventually decides to start trying to live her life again, instead of just going through the motions, she strengthens her friendship with Jacob Black. Jacob goes through some "changes" and finds himself a werewolf. Bella keeps trying "dangerous activities" as she finds she hears Edward's voice. Whilst trying one of these pursuits, one of Edward's "sisters" sees Bella jump off a cliff. She tells Edward, he presumes Bella has committed suicide, and without checking sets about to end his own existence. Eventually the misunderstanding is resolved and Edward and the Cullens return to Forks. The book ends shortly after Edward asking Bella to marry him.
It is very well written, and the plot is pacy, the characters are very believable.


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