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I won't name the two books I just couldn't read.
One is a biography, but I didn't realise it was until I opened it. I will read it, but probably only very slowly. The other, just doesn't grip me at all. I think I will possibly try to read it again in the future. It explores various aspects of "office life", but it bored me, probably because I have read so many really interesting books lately.
However, I have just finished On Green Dolphin Street by Sebastian Faulks, it was a very engrossing read, and I kept finding time to read it rather than do anything else. This is the first Sebastian Faulks book I have read. I like his style of writing, after reading the books I have previously, then this, I have possibly been "spoiled" and could not enjoy the two I have mentioned briefly. I have just started to read a Sophie Hannah book, and can't put that down, perhaps it's where I am in myself at the moment that makes some books difficult to read.


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