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OK! I should apologise...Michel Faber is one of my favourite authors, and I just sped through this book. I will probably re-read in the future, as I re-read "Under the Skin", and find new things each time I read.
Faber is a brilliant author, and probably a "best kept secret", because if I say I love his books I usually get a blank look.
Fire Gospel is nowhere near the same subject matter as "Under the Skin", but he has given a potential idea the same weight. The novel is just as "urgent" to only took me two days.
As yet I have liked all Faber's work
Here's the "bumph" from the back cover of the book.

when Theo Griepenkerl happens upon the fifth Gospel in a war-torn Iraqi museum, he can't believe his luck. Driven by greed and a lust for fame, he capitalises on his find by publishing it. His book is a sensation. But he can hardly imagine the incendiary consequences his discovery will have for Christians, Arabs, homicidal maniacs and Amazon customers alike.

for more information on Michel Faber, click here
this is one of the "Myths" series of books published by Canongate.


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