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I finished this last night....I just had to...I only had 40+ pages to read
To me the novel is very insightful, knowing what went on several years later. Tolstoy could not have foreseen the revolution.
Anna is a "tragic" character, she falls for someone whilst married, in a society that gives everything to the man....whatever.
She leaves he husband to set up home with her lover, also the father of her daughter, but as she is still officially married to her husband, it his name that claims Anna and her lover's child.
The end of part seven is very tragic, and part eight seems to me to be devoted to tying up all the ends neatly.
Anyone who knows their Russian history will spot that this might be the beginning of the rot.
The novel is worth reading, and once you sort out the naming in your head, fairly easy to follow.
I have the good luck to have read several Russian based novels, and understand the various names.
But.....let's be honest...who ever you are reading are someones child, someones sibling, maybe someones spouse...without taking into consideration any other social might have three ways of address.
The Russian way of naming is not so odd...the endings point to the relationships.


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