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I read one of Swift's books for my degree, and have since read "Tomorrow". What can I say about Swift's books in general, my Mum wouldn't like them as they are not told in the regular linear timeline, with the main character sometimes relating the present, sometimes the past, however, they all tie up together. The Light of Day is told along these lines. There's a a murderer, a detective, the police, and a lot of memories. As with the other two books I have read of Graham Swift's I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it being quite face paced, with short succinct chapters. However, it did left me wondering if Sarah had actually murdered her husband, as George reveals that on his way home Bob, Sarah's husband deliberately ran a red light having a very close shave with a HGV. This, however, did not disappoint me as I like books to make me think.
For more about Graham Swift, click below, I think the link is a little out of date, but is a reliable one.


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