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Oliver bought this book while he was on his way back from his trip around Europe. Now I've finished it, and we've talked about it. We both agree that is a very depressing book.
I'm sorry, I didn't really like it for that reason, and the fact that the internal monologue passages are far too long for my liking, perhaps if the subject was less depressing I could have enjoyed it, but then it wouldn't be 1984. I am glad however Orwell's bleak outlook of the future has not happened.
I much prefer Animal Farm.,,9780141187761,00.html?strSrchSql=1984/Nineteen_Eighty-Four_George_Orwell

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  1. Blue said...
    I read it in maybe 2002 or so in order to help a co-worker who was enrolled in college courses here in New Orleans. I must say I'm not very fond of the book either and found it wholly depressing as well.

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