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"The scariest novel since Stephen King's The Shining, The Birthing House grips from the first line to the final terrifying twist." That is what it says on the back cover. With that in mind I sat and read the last 100 or so pages in broad daylight.
The story is indeed griping, and you just want to read on. I've never read The Shining, so can't equate. The last 100 or so pages the story took on a nightmare-ish quality that made me want to keep on reading, rather than put the book down.
The story starts out quite positively, but then things start to go wrong, and the main character seems to become obsessed by the house. I was however disappointed that the snakes the main character keeps were not made more use of, as they could have added a sinister twist to the story, yet another one.
The story is well constructed, and I could see that with very little alteration it would be able to be made into a film.
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