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This book won the Costa First Novel Award.
It drew me in, and just had to keep reading. I felt an empathy with Kate, and the other two main characters also evoke the sympathy of the reader.

A lost little girl with her notebook and toy monkey appears on the CCTV screens of Green Oaks shopping centre, evoking memories of junior detective, Kate Meaney, missing for 20 years. Kurt, a security guard with a sleep disorder and Lisa, a disenchanted deputy manager at Your Music, follow her through the centre's endless corridors - welcome relief from the behaviour of customers, colleagues and the Green Oaks mystery shopper. But as this after-hours friendship grows in intensity, it brings new loss and new longing to light.

Part ghost story, part observation of the tedium of the main characters lives "What was Lost" is engaging from the first to last page. For a little more about the book and author, click here. I would say that Catherine O'Flynn is an author to look out for.


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