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Am around a third of the way through this book. I don't normally blog about a book until I have finished it. This book is subtitled, "Notes for a Novel". I know it is a first novel, but after reading as far as I have, I would rather read the novel the notes are for than the book I am reading.
I hope I see this book through to the end, and may be able to add something more positive, but at the moment I keep looking how many more pages there are left .....until I can start something else.
I KNOW that no-one is looking over my shoulder, and I KNOW that I do not have to write an essay focused on this book, but I really just keep hoping it will improve, although 65 pages into a 164/5 page book...I think I might be reading in vain.
I hate giving up on a book, but think I just might with this one, despite it's brevity.

I've read to p 94 now, and am getting heartily fed up with this book. The series of incidents are driving me mad. I'm afraid this book is going to be abandonded, and quite possibly given away.


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