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This novel is set in the siege of Leningrad during the second world war. It has some similarities to Helen Dunmore's "The Siege", but is altogether a different story. It has a certain humour that lifts the reader, but gently reminds them at the same time that the situation of the main characters is dire. The book had a "wrap" on it...saying the reader would enjoy, or they could claim two other books from the publisher. I did enjoy, so won't be chasing that offer up.

In the coldest winter in history, in a starving city under siege, two prisoners are thrown together on a desperate adventure.
Lev, a shy, chess-loving teenager and Kolya, a charismatic chancer.
They are given one week to complete an extraordinary mission: to scour the ravaged countryside and find a dozen eggs.
Or come back empty-handed and die.

The novel follows Lev and Kolya on their hunt for the eggs, which takes them behind enemy lines and into danger. If they manage to find eggs, they still need to negotiate their way back into Leningrad with them. Along the way they encounter difficulties, and manage to do something unexpected.
The novel has been very well researched but the author doesn't bludgeon you with the facts, as some are wont to do.


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