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No, I'm not pulling your leg, neither was I pulling the assistant's leg in the bookshop when I ordered it.
I was looking to see what other books Walter Moers had written, and came across this one. It is thought that he might have written it, but to date no-one has claimed author-ship of this novel.

The book is fast paced, made up of short chapters, following the various characters as the plot lines converge. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I wish I knew who the author is. It could be Walter Moers, as it is a humourous as his books.

Whatever you do, don't read the Book with No Name.
An untitled book by an anonymous author brings death to anyone who reads it.
"The Eye of the Moon" - a mysterious blue stone - has gone missing.
And in Santa Mondega, all hell is about to break loose. Literally.
Sanchez the bartender, El Santino the crime boss, several bounty hunters and a hitman dressed as Elvis, two hard-as -nails monks, a detective from the Department of Supernatural Investigations, a retired cop who can't let go, a bare-knuckle fighter on a chopped Harley, and a whole bunch of low-lifes are going to meet on the violent streets of Santa Mondega. A total eclipse will soon cast the town into darkness, and it's gonna get bloody.
Because let's not forget the Bourbon Kid....
It is some weeks since I read the book, and I'm still alive....mind you I don't expect to live in a way the first bit of the bumfh is correct. For more reviews, etc, click here. I couldn't find an author page, due to the author being anonymous.


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