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Taltos by Anne Rice

Like I said after reading Blackwood Farm, I'd better read Taltos next. Am glad I have done. I finished it on Sunday, (11th,) so it took me considerably less time to read than the other two "Lives of The Mayfair Witches" novels. At 520 pages in small print, for the paperback version, it is not a "quick read". Although slow to start, the plot soon draws you in, and I found myself no wanting to put it down.
For those of you have read The Witching Hour and Lasher, Taltos in this novel is the same type of being as Lasher, but without his controlling nature.
To read the synopsis from Anne Rice's website click here

There were one or two things that disappointed me in this novel, just niggly things although I am guessing the bulk of the copies of Taltos were sold in the USA, and these things wouldn't bother US reader. We have roads and motorways here in the UK, not highways, another thing was again just a language difference thing, but I've forgotten what it was, so it wasn't too bad. The other thing was we haven't had pound notes since 1982, it was just something that made me take notice at the time, as I presumed the novel is contemporary to when it was written.

Apart from those, I loved the way Anne Rice developed Mona Mayfair's character, and the introduction of Mary Jane Mayfair was just the right touch of humour. As a foil to Ash, the Taltos, Samuel was well developed, and never farcical, although he could have been. (No, I won't say who Samuel is, read the book to find out.) The speed with which Mona's pregnancy progresses would be shocking to someone who had just picked up Taltos as a random read, but I don't think it would spoil their enjoyment, as sufficient background is supplied.
I thoroughly enjoyed Taltos.


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