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At first I found the various characters in Second Glance a little disjointed, but as I have read several of Picoult's books, I stuck with it, and soon enough the seemingly various unrelated characters started to fall into place. By the end of the novel Picoult has tied off all the various strands with her usual adeptness.
What shocked me about this novel was the theme. I am sure I am not the only person who was unaware of a Eugenics programme taking place in USA during the early half of the 1930s.
As usual the novel is very well researched, and characters entirely believable.
Spencer Pike came across as a fanatical control freak, and the final chapter of the book was so gripping I had to just sit and read until I got to the end.


  1. D.M. McGowan said...
    Historical fiction? How about 1866, Canada, manifest destiny, gold, whiskey traders ...
    Bernard J Rossi said...
    I have not read any of Jodi Picoults books but my wife has. If they are as well researched as you say then I must take a look at Second Glance to see for myself. Thanks

    Bernard J Rossi
    Author & Poet
    Stephen said...
    Second Glance is a fantasy story, it is not real or believable. It is a silly, make believe story that has no attitude or depth. Jodi's writing style is lightweight and she is like one of those boring women you can meet, who you are glad you are not married to or have to refuse a second date with. Jodi does not have the skills of a good storyteller, more the conversational style of a fish wife.

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    Sea said...
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also everyone should be given the benefit of doubt. You obviously haven't read the book, or you would know that it is based on Picoult's research into the subject.

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