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Catch up time

I have been reading, just been feeling pretty ropey and consequently read quite a lot, but blogged next to nothing.
I've read and completed 3 books, started reading a fourth and discarded it as too mushy for m, and started a fifth one.
I got only two books as pressies this year. One I have started to read, the other is a "dip into kind"

The "dip into" book is called "From Al Desko to Zorbing" by Kerry Maxwell, published by MacMillan. It is a type of catch up dictionary, with "New words for the 21st Century"
I have dipped into it a little already. The very first definition seems to describe me to a T.
abibliophobia.... in short, a fear of running out of reading material. Yes, that's me, wherever I go, my current book goes, and if I am nearly at the end, the next book I intend to read goes as well....just in case. the top article tells you more about this little gem of a book. Thanks Samantha.

The book I stopped reading was The Food of Love, I'm sure it is a very good book,what I read was very well written, but "romantic comedies" to me should be funny, and I bought this as a romantic comedy, and after 100 pages I hadn't laughed once, and I was losing patience with the dumb good looking bloke using his pal to cook for him. So I gave the book away to someone who will probably enjoy it. After all, if you flick through my posts on here, you'll notice that I don't do "slushy" romantic books.
[If you click on the link above it tells you loads more about the book.]


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