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Interesting book this!
Although the cover pictures a certain notorious child murderer, nowhere, absolutely nowhere in the text is she named.
At first, I thought the book was going to be along the lines of Tomorrow by Graham Swift, (see previous post,) in that the whole story takes place overnight, whilst PC Billy Tyler is guarding the body of the woman.
However, after about halfway through the book, the atmosphere changes, and it becomes part "ghost" story.
I really don't want to spoil it, so won't give away too much.
It did not, nor does not try to gain the reader' sympathy for the woman, if it had, I would have stopped reading it at the first attempt to gain sympathy.
It is a very engrossing book, I just wanted to keep reading "one more page" or "to the end of this section". about the author. for read extracts from the book. for further information.

What I will add about this book, is, I have read a biography on the couple, and come from the area where they operated. The facts in the bock are very accurate, and the passage where Billy recalls visiting the Moors is very accurate and evocative.


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