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I don't normally read what I would describe as "chic-lit", but the bumph on the back of this book intrigued me. Yes, it has the "chic-lit" type cover, and I very nearly didn't buy it. However I did.
Imogen is married with a 9 year old son, and a husband who works in "the city". They live in London, but her husband Alex's job is not as secure as it once was, and they are living beyond their means. They consider "downsizing" when an old friend of Alex's offers them a cottage on her husband's estate. They accept, the story covers the transition from town to country, and various relationships that may or may not be going on.
Imogen muddles her way through the new experiences she is encountering in a humorous way. The story was engaging, yet light hearted. Although I enjoyed it, I don't think I could read too many in the same vein.
I would say that it is a good book to read when you need something light.
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