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I bought this quite a while back, and have only just got around to reading it. At the time the book looked really good, but since then I have joined yahoo answers, and there are so many irritating questions on there, I was beginning to be convinced that the books were all hype, and I would be disappointed.
However, I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is very well crafted, development is good, main characters have depth, and Meyer has the ability to surprise her reader.
If you click home you can find out so much more about Meyer and her books.

Gives a flavour of the book. I like the idea she has developed that vampires are able to walk abroad during daylight hours in more Northern latitudes.

As for the people asking endless questions on Y!A, I just think that perhaps they need to "get a life". Sorry, but asking puerile questions about books does my head in.


  1. dannii said...
    I love the twilight series i've read all three until now and can't wait until the fourth one is out. the story always sucks me in completely.

    XOXO Dannii
    GJG said...
    I am an avid reader of Mystery who-done-its. I have just completed reading all of Anne Perry's novels set in the period of World War I, (there are five novels in the series). If you like authors who really develope their characters, get into their minds you will like Ann Perry's stuff. I am off to the Library for new books, am going to jump into James Patterson's works this time around.

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