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As with other books of Jodi Picoult's I have read, this one was was accessible, and an enthralling read.
From the moment Emily Gold is born Christopher Harte is there, their parents are close friends, and when Emily and Chris become girlfriend and boyfriend both sets of parents are happy about it. However, Emily feels she has to finish her life. The novel opens with the two sets of parents being called to the hospital, where both Emily and Chris are in the Emergency Room. Emily dies, Chris survives. The Pact follows the events in the 12 months after the suicide, and the events leading up to the fateful night. I had trouble putting the book down to get on with other things, and think if I'd had the leisure to, I probably could have just sat and read until I finished. The book is constructed well, and the characters quite vivid

For a synopsis of the book, go to books, and click on The Pact.


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